Calendar bonuses are one of the most exciting offers that you should try out in online casinos since these provide exciting bonuses with every day that you sign in. These calendar bonuses work in a way where you will receive a bonus on each daily sign in that you do within the month. Thus, in order to get all of the bonuses in the calendar, you have to sign in from the beginning of the month, up to the end. Rest assured that completing the calendar bonuses will be totally worth it since the final reward is always a huge one. It’s their way to say thanks for participating in their calendar event.

Christmas calendar events, or also called advent calendar events, are known to contain a lot of rewarding bonuses that will definitely bring your account to riches and enough chances for you to keep on betting. There are a lot of websites that are doing this promotion nowadays. There are also some may provide a calendar that only lasts for 1 to 2 weeks, if not the whole month. But all of these calendars ensure you that bonus rewards are just amazing as getting a bonus payout or a gift during December, since it’s Christmas.

But what are the websites that can provide you these calendar bonus rewards? Here are the following:

Slot Planet

Slot planet is a website that’s dedicated in providing you the perfect means to receive amazing gifts this Christmas. There are 24 gifts that you can receive in the website, and each of them contain surprises that you’re absolutely going to love. These rewards can be unwrapped by every daily log in with in the month of December in order to receive the bonus. The bonus per day begins at 12:00 CET, so don’t you dare miss it.!


Casilando offers a multitude of bonuses for December thanks to their Jingle Bells Calendar. This calendar lets you enjoy amazing bonuses every morning, and all you have to do is to sign in every single day in order to receive these bonuses. There are 24 gifts that you can receive in the calendar, and all you have to do is to do a daily sign-in to receive these mystery rewards. These may contain free spins, extra credits, and more rewards.


This online casino is considered to be top-class thanks to its daily rewards. These treats are said to be sweeter than your ordinary hot chocolate during a snowy day since these are rewarding bonuses and money. Take note that there are also other rewards hidden in the calendar, so be sure to do your daily sign-in once you become a member of this website.

Black Diamond

To get an amazing Christmas bonus, you just have to visit Black Diamond for more details. Becoming a member in this website can offer you amazing Christmas bonuses up to the end of the year. Besides the calendar bonuses, you will also become eligible to join the prize draw within the special calendar dates for you to have an extra Merry Christmas!


Each day, you will be able to win some amazing bonuses throughout December once you visit Unibet. Each day offers random bonuses like free spins, extra credit for your poker and sportsbook needs, and you can also get bonuses on your bingo products as well.

These are just some of the many websites that’s dedicated in bringing the holiday spirit just by providing a daily bonus for the whole Christmas season. So what are you waiting for? Join in the fun now and start racking up these bonuses.


The Finest Online Casinos With Christmas Calendar Bonuses