Asians are not just lovers of gambling, they are also good at it. Thus, they make sure that they can find a lot of ways to win the card games they play. That’s why there are a lot of people who love to gamble using cards in various Asian countries like China and Philippines. However, you should also be wary of the fact that people in Asia are avid fans of sports as well. They love to get entertained by watching professional athletes play. Some of them even idolize those professional athletes from countries like the United States, particularly basketball and American football players.

As a result, and due to their love for gambling, most Asians prefer to bet on their favorite teams just to add up more thrill. That’s why these online sportsbook websites now exist in order to provide Asians the best way to gamble and root for their favorite team without the need of asking their friends or neighbors to bet with them. However, to just bet on a sports event might be too boring for some of the people who are currently gambling online, since people expect rewarding stuff when logging in online. That’s why the best sportsbook websites finally decided to implement extra features that will surely give you a greater time to play in the website.

The following extra features may also contain sportsbook bonuses, and not just additional website features. Here are the following websites:


Bet365 is a leading website when it comes to your sports gambling needs since the website offers a lot of sports events that you’re going to love watching. That’s right, each sports event in the website offers live streaming to ensure you the perfect means to watch the game while you wait for the winning results upon placing your bet. In this way, you won’t have to check out a website or a TV anymore just to see the event; you just have to go directly to the website to wait for the results as you watch the event straight from the page. The site also provides extra $100 as welcome bonus to new players.


Bodog88 is a website that’s purely made for the sake of giving you a good reward once you’re lucky. The website contains a lot of prizes to be won, as well as amazing bonuses once you sign in. The features of the website is excellent since it also contains casino games for you to enjoy. Poker, slots, blackjack, you got it! But what made this famous casino brand appealing for many people over the decades is that it has a complete roster of sports events, to the point where they even provide racebook for car and horse racing events. They also provide a 150% bonus return with 16x rollover.


So far, BetWay is still the leading website in Asia when it comes to your gambling needs when rooting for your favorite team. The website offers a live streaming feature for every game that you’re going to gamble at, and the servers are completely stable in streaming these events. The website also offers a 100% return on all of your deposit during the first day, making it excellent to save money when gambling during a big event.

These are just some of the websites that gained popularity not just because of casino bonuses, but due to the extra features that they offer for their members. So if convenient sports betting is what you need, these three top sites will provide what you wish for.


The Best Sportsbook Websites in Asia With Awesome Features