If you want to get into sports, take note that one of the best ways to do it is by betting. Some of us are not just looking for a nice competition just by watching two rival teams fight to the finals; some of us are also looking to see if we will lose or gain money by betting on a team that you like. Thus, sports betting became one of the gambling trends in history. Many people for are doing this for centuries already. But today, you will have amazing offers once you consider betting in a sportsbook website.

These sportsbook websites are truly dedicated not just in making you bet for your favorite team; it will also provide you more winnings that you expect. Some of the top sportsbook websites are known to contain rewards that are truly welcoming for every person who decides to finally bet on the website by becoming a member. But for sure you’re not yet aware on which website to pick since not all of the websites have the best offers. That’s why we would like to optimize your choices by letting you pick one of these top five sportsbook websites with the best welcome bonuses in the United States:

Bet Phoenix

This international brand for online gambling has reached many parts of the world due to the features that it offers. Besides from hosting some of the biggest events in sports history for many years, Bet Phoenix also made sure that they will welcome their guests fully by providing them amazing bonuses. You can start getting the bonus by receiving a 200% bonus return on your first bet, which ran also range up to $1500. So that’s like getting $3000 if you deposit at max.


TopBet is known to be one of the finest websites for gambling, as the offers in this website contains the perfect means to make your gambling a lot better. TopBet offers a 100% return up to $1000 on your deposits. There are also additional bonuses that await you in this website, too.


if you bet now in BetNow, you will be able to get a 100% bonus return with a maximum amount of $1000 on your first deposit. Depositing and cashing out an amount in this website is also very fast, that’s why it gained a top spot.


This website is a fan favorite of many sports gamblers since Intertops provides a real-time result and event update on all of the sports events that it’s hosting. Intertops also allows players to get a 100% return with a maximum amount of $500.


XBet is a website that can provide you a 100% return on your $300 deposit once you place money for the first time. The website also features a lot of amazing events. The staff also did a good analysis on every major game since the odds are fairly placed.

These are not just websites with amazing welcome and first deposit bonuses; these websites are also dedicated in making sports betting easier to do as well. You just need to pick one or all of the websites that you wish to join in, deposit an amount, and expect the bonus that will arrive shortly to give you more reasons and chances to root for your favorite team.

The Best American Sportsbook Websites with Welcome Bonuses